Quest for the Paczki in Rural Louisiana

February 11, 2010 at 9:45 am (Current Events, Mardi Gras) (, )

A humorous conversation with my local baker in a small town in the backwoods of Louisiana:

Me, “Excuse me, Miss Bakery lady. May I buy a paczki?”

Baker, “Whu’s a punchkey?”

Me, “Nevermind. Is there a polish bakery in Shreveport?”

Baker, “Is dat a Yankee word for stripper?”

Me, “No. No. Poland’s a country. Hitler invaded it at the beginning of World War II.”

Baker, “You dun wanna go to no colored bakery. Dey ain’t a safe part of Shreveport to go to.”

Me, “No. No. Polish people are very white. Their name’s end in –ski and never have enough vowels in the middle. The old Pope was Polish.”

Baker, “Git out! We dun wanna no Catlicks in our god-fearing bakery! You go rot in Hell with yer Pope and yer punchkeys!”

Me, “Thank you ma’am. Enjoy your… uhhh… Mardi Gras.”

So concluded my quest last year. Will this year’s quest end with similar failure?



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